Our Advisors

  • Douglas Jones, CLU®

    Chartered Financial Consultant®

    California License #0465580

    For more than 40 years, I have enjoyed working with clients who want help understanding the complex world of creating & preserving wealth, and want to make better decisions about money.

    Our firm has many resources for clients to call upon. Today more than ever, people have access to the information, but need help analyzing their choices. Based upon your objectives, we can find ways to help. We work with individuals, business owners, and employers who want help with financial and investment decisions.

    For many of our clients, we prepare an analysis to help them determine if their retirement objectives can be met. Some of our clients want comprehensive financial plans done. Others are interested in using our services to acquire financial products such as insurance and investments.

    Our approach has always been to look at the whole client, and make recommendations accordingly. We want to help people meet the financial needs associated with death, illness, and retirement, and help them accumulate and preserve wealth during their productive years. We build long term relationships that span our client’s lifetimes. Our offices are in Lake Forest, California, and we are also licensed to do business in many other states.

    E-mail Doug at doug@jonesfinancial.com

  • Melissa Shaw, CFP®


    California License #0604786

    I enjoy teaching people about “The Money Game”. It’s fun to help people make better decisions about money. People do want help understanding how the game is played.

    I believe that a husband and wife run their household like a business. Hopefully they work in the black, and make a profit! One of them is the President and the other is the Chairman of the Board. Together they have a mission statement for their family and their values. We want to be part of their Board of Directors, along with their other professional advisors, to help them get where they want to go in life. Life isn’t just a foot race, it’s a relay race, and each generation passes the baton to the next generation. Once you have children, you want to protect them and provide for them."

    I use an abundance of resources to help people. In our initial meeting, the client can share information about the things they’re doing now, or where their concerns are. I ask a lot of questions to see what their family dynamics are and how I can be of help. We have many tools to help people.

    Answering the financial questions can be the easy part of the equation. Helping clients address their own emotional issues attached to money is the other part. I know how to help couples communicate about money and meet these difficult issues.

    Single people may have a greater challenge, because they need someone with whom to discuss their options. In addition, they need to have their financial lives organized in case of a tragedy. Come talk with us if you’re in the area. Our firm is a lot of fun to work with.

    E-mail Melissa at melissa@jonesfinancial.com

    Douglas Jones and Melissa Shaw are Registered Representatives of, and offer securities through, J.W. Cole Financial, Inc. (JWC), member FINRA/ SIPC.. Investment advisory services and financial planning services are offered through Douglas W. Jones Associates Financial & Insurance Services, Inc., a California Registered Investment Advisor. Jones Associates is not an affiliate of JWC.